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Hi, I’m Serena, thank you for visiting my site! Feel free to look around, we’ve got mysteries and mayhem galore. Keep a special eye out for a runaway lobster and a mischievous granny!

I’ve just had my first book published this year, Anisha, Accidental Detective. It’s a mystery story about family and friendship, it’s a little bit daft and there’s a lobster in it. Sounds fun? You can read an extract here.

I think I’ve always loved writing and reading. Reading books was my favourite thing to do when I was a kid. It allowed me to escape into other worlds and go on wild adventures with weird and wonderful characters. I always felt like the odd one out at school but in books it was better to stand out than fit in. That gave me hope. I loved Roald Dahl’s books, his best characters had quiet strength and a spark of mischief running through them. Matilda was my favourite. Which Roald Dahl character is your favourite?

As an author now myself (that feels weird to say out loud!) I try to write characters who are a bit weird and wacky, they’re always getting themselves into trouble though!

At the moment I’m looking forward to releasing my second book in the Anisha series in the Autumn and I’m working on a third book for next year. I can’t tell you what happens but I can promise lots of mayhem and mischief.

I wish you happy adventuring whichever books you’re escaping into!

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