School visits and Events

Virtual Visits


Cost for bookings placed by 31st December 2020 – £125 which includes:

    • 1 hour session with reading and Q&A also including 1 signed copy of each of the first two books in the series
    • I will talk a little about how I became an author, where I get inspiration from and what it’s like to write a book. Then we’ll have a workshop leaving the group inspired and full of ideas for their creative writing. This session is ideal for class sized groups. A follow up activity is also included.
  • If bookings are made for more than one class in a school then a discounted rate of £100 per session applies.
  • Visits can take place via MS Teams or Zoom. A quick technical check is required either on a date before the event or earlier on in the day of the visit.

Various workshops available

  • Silly Stories
    • We’ll be looking at finding humour in the everyday, and how you can draw from your own life in your creative writing.
    • We’ll try some improvisation with a game involving taking turns to say a line of the story off the top of our heads.
    • Follow-up activity in classroom: I will provide an activity sheet that will lead the children in planning out the beginning, middle and end of their very own story idea.
  • Mysterious Mysteries
    • We’ll discuss what makes a good mystery and the importance of red herrings, motive, settings and suspects.
    • I’ll test the children’s powers of observation with a story based game.
    • Follow-up activity in classroom: I will provide an activity sheet that will lead the children in designing their own disguise
  • Spectacular Science
    • We’ll talk about the National Schools Science Fair in School’s Cancelled. What kinds of experiments would the children find interesting to see. How wild and weird could we make an experiment?
    • Describing spectacular science – using verbs and adverbs as a group
    • Follow-up activity in classroom: I will provide an activity sheet that will lead the children in designing their own spectacular science experiment and using lots of labels to describe how it works.

All workshops will include a reading from either the first or second book in the series. We will arrange for books with a signed bookplate to be available for purchase. Books can be sent after the event so that anyone who wants to order one on the day can do so. I’ll also be happy to look at any work coming out of the follow up activities and give feedback.

If a 45 minute author presentation for a larger group is required that can be arranged at a fee of £100.

30 minute Q & A is also available for £50

Payment of the workshop fee will be required within 14 days of invoice.

Books 1and2

Face to Face School Visits for 2021

“What a fantastic workshop!  The parents were astounded at some of the great new ideas their children came up with, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was great fun!” Bournville BookFest 2019.

I have realised I pull a lot of funny faces when I’m talking at events but hopefully I’m saying interesting things at least some of the time!

bookfest photo


If you would like to book me to come in to your school or event in 2021 please contact me with details of the number of children, whether you would like a whole day/half day, the age groups/school year of the children, how many events you’d like. (I offer 4 events a day maximum – mixture of assemblies and workshops)

My fees are in line with the Society of Authors and there is a really useful guide for schools on hosting author visits available here